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Endoscopic Real-IGS FLI-20

Recommend clinical application

Tumor recognition  

- Real-time tumor localization

- Tumor safety margin assessment

- Real-time judgment of positive tumor margin

- Real-time visualization of small tumor lesions


Lymph tracing

- Sentinel lymph node tracing

- Systematic lymph node tracing


Organ visualization

- Liver segment boundary real-time visualization

- Hepatectomy bile leakage recognition

- Biliary anastomosis of liver transplantation

- Pulmonary imaging


Blood flow monitoring

- Real-time judgment and selection of intestinal truncation point

- Real-time blood supply assessment before and after skin flap transplantation

- Real-time blood flow assessment of tissue anastomosis



FLI-20A is used in combination with fluorescence tracer ICG,

Patients with iodine allergy are not allowed to use,

Patients with severe liver and kidney dysfunction are not allowed to use.